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good evening. there have been three attacks on university of maryland college kids within eight days. in even case students were robbed after midnight near campus and in one case a group was attacked. the first happened in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. three students were attacked by three different suspects. a week ago sunday five suspects approached aid group -- agroup of three kids. and now four suspects robbed a young student walking alone. lindsey mastis spoke with police and students today about what can be done to stop it. >> reporter: police say they are increasing patrols. university police on campus and prince george's county police off campus. but some students say they haven't noticed. >> when you walk around on
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campus, you don't see visible police presence. >> everyone is really nervous when they are walking on the streets at night. >> reporter: many students told me there is a difference in safety on versus off campus. >> i carry around mace with me when i got off campus. >> reporter: students say the latest attacks are not surprise. >> i don't even tell my mom what goes on here. she's already scared about it. >> reporter: the university has launched a safety campaign, which includes urging students to take safety precautions. even the bars are getting involved, working with the university and giving out coasters. >> a few people have asked what they are about. most people get them with their drink. >> reporter: not everyone believes absorbing tips on a coaster will help. >> what is this? >> a coaster. >> i've never seen this. >> would this help you? crime times on the back? >> crime time from the bars. >> reporter: this student wants
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more police presence where it counts. >> this need to have cops posted up here all night long. that's what they need and they don't do it. >> reporter: prince george's county police say they want to catch the suspects but need help from students to report crimes immediately. >> in this last incident the victim failed to notify police until approximately 12 hours after the incident. >> reporter: in college park, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> police have made two arrests and have a warrant out for another person but that's just in that first robbery incident. there are nine suspects involved in the latest two cases. police say it's possible some of them may be the same people responsible for all three attacks on the college students. now taking a look at some neighborhood news. in potomac a 22-year-old man was shot in the arm on saturday. police say it happened at a party at about 2:30 saturday morning on heatherton lane. montgomery county police are asking anyone with information
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to call crime solver. 866-411-tips. and for more information go to and look under the section labeled where you live. discovery channel employees will return to work tomorrow at their downtown silver spring headquarters. it was of course the site of last wednesday's hostage standoff. police say james lee's actions put the building on lockdown and triggered a major evacuation and gridlock. he held three people hostage before police snipers shot him dead. building has been closed since. no hostages were hurt. the d.c. democratic primary will be held a week from tomorrow. mayor fenty is down in the polls and battling for his political life against council chair vincent gray. fenty and his wife michelle sat down for an interview why their home with our own bruce johnson. bruce, what can you tell us? >> if he loses, it's the biggest political collapse. and this wouldn't take place if he was up by 17 points. but he said he get it's and he can change. a lot of people don't like his
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governing style but he insists he's kept his problems to up the test scores and fix the school buildings and get other things done. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn? >> absolutely. it's very painful. >> i believe this perception that anybody can just come in and run the city effectively and they will be a little bit nicer and city won't miss a beat and it couldn't be further from the truth. >> i think everyone gets my husband now. i think they know he focuses on results and when you're moving a thousand miles an hour, there isn't much time for subtle conversation. and so he hasn't reached out. >> and this time i'm saying, we understand. we have to be more inclusive. we have to engage more. make people feel more part of the process, just like i delivered the last two times, i'll deliver on this one as well. we just need people to give us that chance. >> and independent observers
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say this has to do with him than his opponent vincent gray. critics say the mayor failed to realize african-americans want emphasis on job training and his cabinet opponents. it's about race and politics and the economy that is costing the mayor this election. >> and we know we'll have more at 11:00. and looking at that interview, we're seeing a lot of emotion at this late hour. can he pull it out? >> not even the vincent gray people, up by 17 points, will say it's over. this is an incumbent mayor who came out four years ago. he has a ton of money. he's outspending gray four to one. and it's an incredible uphill battle. >> and you'll have more tonight at 11:00. >> absolutely. >> thank you. with unemployment hovering near 10%, president obama is
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running out of time to change voters minds business his policies. and as joel brown reports, the president is on the road introducing plans he hope will turn things around fast. >> reporter: the president was energized and combative as he introduced a new plan to revive the economy. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> reporter: at a labor day union rally in milwaukee, the president unveiled a $50 billion proposal to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads. , construct and maintain 4,000 miles of railways and reconstruct 150 miles of airport runways, i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. >> labor day kicks off the fall election campaign and this year the president has his work cut
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out for him to help his party. he's proposing a series of investments to jump start the struggling economy and may help democrats in danger of losing their seats in congress. the president acknowledged there is no silver bullet to fix the economy. he blames republicans for steering the country into a recession. >> i don't want to give them the keys back. they don't know how to drive. >> reporter: some republicans say the proposals are too little, too late. >> these last-minute maneuvers are going to be i think accepted by americans as tactics and they're not going to be able to make a difference in people's daily lives. >> god bless you. >> reporter: the president will take his economic road show to cleveland on wednesday where he will pitch a second plan to give research and development tax credits to small businesses. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> the transportation rebuilding plan would extend six years. administration officials say it could result in construction jobs as early as next year. the $50 billion cost is the
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initial investment in the program. millions of americans had nothing to separate. they are jobless, out of money. ahead how some of them are surviving in the economy. but first a check on the labor day traffic situation as people head back. dave calhoun in for patranya. how is it going? >> well route 50 is route 50. this is the chesapeake bay bridge, a five mile delay beginning at dominion. prior to that, westbound 50 very heavy areaching route 404 off to the 50 merge. elsewhere, a nice quiet ride. if you're on the interstate, enjoy the quiet ride because tomorrow won't be the case. >> thank you, dave. and now the redline should be completely reopened by tomorrow morning. the takoma, silver spring, forest glenn, wheaton and
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glenmont stations scheduled to be back open by 5:00 a.m. they were closed for the weekend for large-scale maintenance work. we have another recall to warn you about. salmonella in some very popular doing -- doggy treats. and local politicians that play fast and a crackdown. and another acid attack on a woman. more details on this bizarre case after the break. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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turning to the investigation that follows the disaster in the gulf. a key piece of evidence that could hold important clues to preventing future oil spills is on the way to be checked out. the deepwater horizon million pound blow-out preventer looked in tact as it emerged saturday from the gulf. it's the most crucial piece of
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physical evidence. this blow-out preventer was supposed to slice through the drill pipe in an emergency and seal off the well. another woman has been attacked by an acid throwing female. the second such incident in a week. the latest assault taking place in mesa, arizona. the 41-year-old victim, a mother of five, said it literally came out of nowhere. >> there was a woman walking up from the back side of my car, she had what i thought was a glass of water in her hand and then she just stopped abruptly and looked at me and just threw it in my face. it justin standly was like fire. it started burning. >> she was left with severe burns on her face, neck, all along her arms. now this incident is similar to one that happened last monday in vancouver, washington. 28-year-old bethany stora was also attacked as she left her car, again it was a female stranger throwing acid. now a heads up for dog
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owners out there. this is a recall of dog treats. they're made by the hartz corporation. these treats under recall were sold in 8-ounce size bags. some of the treats might be contaminated with salmonella. you can call hartz toll free 800-275-1414. coming up next on 9 news now -- >> this is a difficult labor day for millions of american families. i'm bruce leshan. what are people doing to survive?
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at a look at the traditional local labor day celebrations. kensington hosting the 43rd annual labor day parade, featuring marching groups, and dance and bands including a festival in kinsington. the city of gaithersburg held a
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labor day parade with a large sunshine. it's one of the city's holdest traditions, first held back in 1938. but on a far more somber note, there are millions of americans looking for work on this labor day. millions of others are taking on second jobs to try to help cover the bills. bruce leshan takes a look at some of the options. >> we want to sleep. >> reporter: jennifer already has a full time job as a manager of a downtown d.c. office building but she's taken a second job as a baby sitter. >> it's been great. it's been a great opportunity to be able to continue doing what i love to do, which is baby-sitting. >> reporter: but forest uses seeking the american university business school graduate is among the 7 million people in the country working two or more jobs. >> in this economy, it's tough and it's nice to have a little
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bit of extra money. >> reporter: seeking sitters started it because of her own trouble. >> my husband ethan was laid off and we decided if we're going to do it, we should do it now. >> reporter: while inflation has raised, wages have failed to keep pace. for uncle sam's nieces and nephews, the answer is not the great. more and more are struggling to find even one job. >> kay lynn brown and justin brown, i am still looking for a job. it is difficult to find employment these days. >> i have a second job. i feel blessed, definitely. >> reporter: layoffs may force more workers to take more work just to stay even. in rockville, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> maryland's attorney general
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is warning candidates, play nice. doug gansler issued a statement saying campaign pro sures have been printed and some that leave false impressions that they've been endorsed when they haven't. he said fake ballots have also been printed. he said complaints about deceptive practices will be investigated and quote, action taken. you have a chance to take advantage of early voting. you have until 7:00 tonight to go to the polls. more than 6700 took advantage of early voting this weekend in d.c. if you live in maryland, the polls close at 8:00 p.m. there. and you can find a list of the locations at, click on the section called 9 news extras. well we headed out to rehoboth yesterday and it was stellar. >> did you miss the crowds? >> a lot of people had the same idea, i'll give you that. a crowded beach, yes. >> it was a perfect picture
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labor day weekend. if there was only one down side, the ragweed is through the roof. and if you suffer from allergies -- i think it effects the order in the way of 90%. but at least the temperatures have been pleasant. let's see the next three days. pretty warm tomorrow. this time of year we should be in the lower 80s for highs. we'll be in the low 90s. cooler on wednesday because we have a front pushing through in the mid morning hours. maybe a passing shower. not a big bet. look into next weekend, a short workweek and another beautiful round of mild temperatures. let's take you to the evening here first on the rest of the labor day. sunny and very nice, pushing down from the 84 degrees temperatures to the 70s. and a south breeze fairly light. sunset 7:31 tonight. overnight not as chilly as last night, or cool. 66 in downtown d.c. well we start off school for a lot of kids in virginia and that moms
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like me bus stop forecast. you might say mild. a touch of a cool spot from 68 and down to the 70s notice 7:00 or 8:00 hour. taking you through the rest of the afternoon on tuesday. temperatures warming up to near 90. there is a code yellow air quality. a touch of pollution. 85 still on temperature. and warm 90 in culpeper. and most of us dropping into the 80s and 70s. and the winds picking up, 10-15 miles per hour tomorrow. might be a touch of humidity notice coming back in. here is the front here in the mid morning. 8:00 is when our future cast shows that to arrive. there might be a passing shower. slightest chance. most likely a bank of clouds. not bad by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a west to northwest breeze picking up and cooler air rushing into thursday and into next weekend. highs in the 70s, lows into the 50s. that's for the district.
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outer suburbs will be pushing into the 40s for a low for that time. and we could bring showers in as soon as saturday. i'm keeping them out. i think an isolated storm toward the end of next weekend and starting off next week. but the unofficial end of summer and we'll feel like it once we get to the end of the week. >> thanks, devon. had some friends that headed out to the crab bowl and not to eat. >> no. maryland and navy. it would be nice if they gave the winner a bushel full of crabs. it's the renewal of a great rivalry that isn't a rivalry. the terps and mids get it on as we speak. and donovan mcnabb returning to redskins practice while big al gets demoted today. and 15 years old ago today iron was forged. we'll look back at a great day in baseball history.
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they have dubbed it the
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crab bowl. because maryland and navy are the only two college football programs in the state of maryland with campuses 30 miles apart so would think they would be bitter enemies. but they have met just once in the last 44 years. but that changed today. renewing the rivalry. navy a bold team a year ago. maryland 2-10 a year ago. but the terps struck first. terrell scott, the terps up 7-0 in the first and extending that lead. magot, the son of former giant, straight up and terps lead. but navy would not roll over. the end of the third, the quarterback ricky dobbs on the keeper, right tackle and he is in and ties the game at 14 and that is where we stand, the start of the fourth quarter right now. later tonight at fedex field, virginia tech opens their season and could see their national title hopes fly out the window all at the same
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time. because the 6th ranked hokies are opening against 5th ranked boise state who went undefeat -- undefeated a year ago. >> when they build the national stage they answered the bell and this is a team for real. they are very good. and it's going to take a great game for us to have a chance to beat these guys. the redskins held the first regular season practice today and for the first time since tweaking his ankle against the ravens on august 21, mcnabb practiced. he took all of his regular reps with the first team. should be good to start against the cowboys on sunday night. not so much with haynesworth. big al demoted to the second team at today's practice with team resources telling the nfl network that haynesworth will not start on sunday and could even be deactivated for the game. here is what mike shanahan said today. >> i think we've talked about albert. i talked about the game. he's one of our players.
6:28 pm
we're going to play the best players who are ready to play and albert is one of them that gets better at learning different positions. >> evasive. despite the rumors, houshmanzadeh will not join them, because they are joining the ravens. he was cut by seattle last week. they still owe him $7 million. with four weeks to go in the season, the nationals pick up their 60th win. that may not sound like much when you remember each of the last two years they won just 59 games. hosting the mets today and down in the third but here comes danny espinosa. making his debut last week and settling in nicely. slapping to the rightfield and nats in the 2. and then michael morris, into center. pudge rodriguez scores. and nats take the lead. and that brings us back to espinosa. told you he was settling in nicely. grand slam.
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he had six rbis in the game. and o's and yankees tied when roberts gets a weak curve. into right and cory patterson trying to score and he does. and even though roberts gets caught in the rundown, that was the game winner. birds take the bombers today 4- 3. and finally tonight it was 15 years ago today that calvin edwin ripken, jr., became the all-time iron man. september 6th, 1995 he played in consecutive game and hit a home run and everybody remembers the famous victory lap around camden yards. and i still get goose bumps when i see him. how long did he look? >> very cool. that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news is back next and i'll be back with your only newscast at 7:00. happy labor day, everybody. ñq

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